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Schweta's Story

“I have faced challenging situations with personal finances in recent years and it was a subject of overwhelm and stress for me. I felt great relief when I opened up with Michelle about my financial journey and the situations faced. She has a very structured approach and exercises to understand your finances in an excellent way. I have struggled for a long time to do it on my own and with my husband, but Michelle’s clarity session has worked like a magic for me and the questions and doubts I was carrying for long have got sorted.

What I loved about Michelle is that she has been very approachable and I could share my situation very easily with her. She has given me confidence to believe that there are many things to learn and gain from the challenges we face. The good money habits which we will form during this journey will reap benefits and results moving ahead. She also discusses the necessary aspects and resources which are important for your financial journey.

Thank you very much, Michelle for giving me much confidence and clarity in my financial journey and all the lessons learnt from you will always be of great help moving ahead. Will always be grateful to you. You are doing amazing work by empowering women in their financial journeys and I wish the best for you!”

Rachael's Story

“Thank you for your expertise, guidance and clear explaining in detail how to navigate safely through the financial world.

I am now one of the females investing with your guidance  and learning more  each week.

Setting up an account for my grand children was easy working with you!  I am looking forward to expanding and learning more.

Thank you again Michelle, you made it so easy. Looking forward to listening, reading and getting educated with your guidance.”

Joanna's Story

“I highly recommend Michelle’s services. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she makes you feel comfortable when discussing money. She offers genuine and practical advice and takes the time to understand what works best for you.”

Jessica's Story

“Michelle’s support will always stand out in my mind as a turning point in my relationship with money. She has given me courage, confidence, knowledge and understanding and I now feel like I actually know what I’m doing with money!

She’s been on hand when I’ve needed her the most and is always happy to help, constantly going the extra mile. Her impact has rubbed off onto my partner and he’s even been making changes!

Working with Michelle was honestly one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I know it’s going to affect my finances (for the better!) for the rest of my life.”

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