Her Wealth IQ breaks through the financial jargon, confusion, shame and overwhelm around money. We provide you simple money talk and smart money actions to implement now to take control of your finances and get your money working for you.

Hi! I’m Michelle and I believe financial fitness is about living in a way that is supportive of you achieving your financial goals, having the knowledge and confidence to grow your money and to create income streams to fund the lifestyle you deserve to have – and dream about!


I believe every woman can live their abundant life given the knowledge and confidence to do so. I am passionate about helping women like you step into their abundance by using the inherent intelligence, skills and tools they have to break free from financial overwhelm and stress and step into a new reality of financial empowerment and independence. I look forward to hearing from you soon.”   X


“A financially empowered woman defines her own success, lives by her own rules and has her 

money working for her on her terms!”

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