You have worked on creating a clear vision of your goals and planned future lifestyle. Based on how much you have coming into your bank account you know how long it is going to take you to get to your goal. Given this clarity you are super excited and committed to achieving each milestone.  How about adding some rocket fuel to your efforts by increasing your cash inflows?  Here are 3 ways you can go about doing this:

Easy cash wins

Start with the easy cash wins. These are the fatty expenses you have gobbling up your cash. Take a close look at your cash outflows. What subscriptions do you have lurking in there that you forgot about and never use, online networking groups, your unused gym membership, Audible, and so on. Cancel these, you may be surprised how much you can save!

Insurances are notorious cash guzzlers and if you are not actively comparing for cheaper deals you are probably paying too much.

Convenience expenses are secret cash bingers as well. Check out how much your Uber, Deliveroo and such like are costing you. Could getting more active and less reliant on these save you more cash?

Clutter. This may have already overindulged in your cash but it doesn’t mean you can’t get some back. What clutter do you have that may be able to generate some cash for you on Ebay?

Salary or charge out rate raise

This is not the easy way to increase your income but it is likely to be one of the most rewarding in terms of self development.

  • Make sure the career you are in is a good fit. Sometimes it takes being in the thick of things to realise this is not the playground we want to be playing in. There is no shame in this no matter at what stage of our career we decide to acknowledge this. It does mean going back to our personal drawing board and designing the career we DO want. Identify what skill set you need to add and how you can go about doing this. Get strategic about getting into the field you want to. This may involve some innovative and inventive action steps. As hard as these may be, think of sitting and doing what you don’t want to do for the next 10, 20 or 30 years. That can get you fired up to take action.
  • Assuming you are in the career that makes you feel stimulated, challenged and that you enjoy, speak to your line manager or boss and find out exactly what is expected of you. What will you be measured on, when are increases normally considered. How often will you be given feedback on your progress. Be very clear on what your targets are and create a plan to achieve them. Always keep track of what you have achieved and how this measures up against your target. You may think this is complete overkill but you want to set yourself up to go into your future salary reviews armed with all the information you are going to need as your personal self promoter. In addition it is a great addition to a resume!

One further reminder and this is especially important for us ladies, make sure you mention your achievements regularly with your manager. If he has a lot of people reporting to him who do you think he is going to remember? This is not about being a shameless annoying self promoter it is simply being confident enough to confirm that others are aware of your worth. Don’t downplay what you have done by failing to celebrate the little wins.

When it comes to increasing the rates you charge clients the same principal applies:

  • Deliver outstanding value

Check in with your clients before, during and after you have delivered a service to make sure that not only are you offering the highest quality but also that the client is being engaged with and recognises the value you are providing during the process.

  • Set your rates strategically

Be very deliberate and considered when setting your rates. It is irrational to expect the client to see value when you don’t feel confident in your rate yourself.

Assess what rates are being charged for similar services in the market and determine where you are comparatively in terms of:

  • Content
  • Experience
  • Customer engagement

Identify where you may need to upskill to get to the higher comparative rates. Set the targets and set the rates you will charge as you achieve each target.

  • Make increases a regular event

As your confidence in providing your service increases with the steps you are taking to bolster your skill set write an analysis of what you are offering and how your fee is derived from this. If you can convincingly put down on paper your thoughts behind your fee you have hit the bulls eye. Don’t hesitate in taking this to your clients.

Make this analysis a regular part of your business processes.

  • Accept some clients may reject this

It’s ok of your client rejects this. Don’t change your focus. Keep offering your clients the maximum value and that may mean it is time to suggest some appropriate alternative lower cost providers to that particular client.

  • Get a Mentor

A mentor has the code to the elevator to success, a good mentor provides you with the resources and tools they have acquired through extensive experience and the network that they have built. This would take you years to recreate.

Your mentor sees the heights of success that you can rise to and serves to motivate and support you to move beyond your current sphere of knowledge and experience. They push you to go further and ease the path by providing guidance and resources.

A valuable mentor is one you are able to bounce ideas off and share obstacles and challenges with knowing you will walk away with a constructive plan derived by yourself with your mentor’s support.

Turbo charge your success by getting the right mentor.

  • Be a life long learner

Choosing to continuously learn and upskill puts us on a trajectory to better opportunities and a higher level of success. It not only opens up our creative thinking, it also empowers us to continuously provide the highest level of service to all those we engage with.

Side Hustle

A side hustle can be an effective bridge between  where you earnings are and where you want them to be.

It enables you to diversify your sources of income and test out your ideas without having to be totally dependent on them being immediately successful.

Moreover it is the most rewarding way to grow your skill set and your confidence by pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.

The first key to a successful side hustle is to leverage your current skillset, experience or industry knowledge. Start where you are at, i.e. don’t run around incurring high costs and creating mental barriers to just doing it! Test out the viability of your idea by getting one paying client and then upskill and adapt as required. The beauty of the side hustle is that you have the freedom to try, test, redesign, recreate and basically hustle into finding what works!

You have nothing to lose by identifying a need that you can meet, but you do have so much to gain by rising to the challenge!


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