As this new clean slate opens for us, we have the opportunity, amongst other things, to build real wealth. And I’m not just talking about the money kind, I’m talking about the kind that comes from taking the time to nurture ourselves, too mentally set ourselves up for success and to create the conditions to thrive.

And the best way to build this real wealth is by taking the following actions:


Invest for your future self


Studies have shown that the average Generation Xer is inadequately prepared for retirement in terms of their finances. In some parts of the UK, a third of Gen Xers have no savings whatsoever.

Millennials, those aged between 24-39 are better prepared than the older generation but in both cases, the positive aspect is that it’s never too late to upgrade your retirement investing.

A good rule of thumb is to aim to save at least 15%  of your pre-tax income. But this is just a rule of thumb, if you can’t save 15% at the moment start with what you can and set a goal to increase that amount over time. If you are already saving more, well done to you, keep doing what you are doing.

Still need some motivation? Think about all the great things you want to be doing in retirement and then consider the cost of those great things. Nobody wants to reach their golden years where they are merely existing because they can’t afford to do anything else or worse yet having to be dependent on others, especially not your kids.

The best gift you can give yourself this year is the gift of financial stability and the best thing about starting now ? You have given your money the time it needs to grow and build that nest egg for you.


Invest in yourself 

The best asset by far that you have is you!

You are the ultimate source of your capacity to build monetary wealth and no matter what happens to the economy that is one aspect that nobody can take away from you.

As with investing in other assets the key to success is diversity. Diversity of knowledge and diversity of skillsets.

Keep learning, keep trying new things and keep pushing your boundaries.

No woman is an island and when it comes to investing in yourself building a solid network is a must. And this is not a network built on a “what they can do for you” mindset, rather it is an opportunity to help others and show what you can do by giving real value.

A supportive network that challenges you too do better and achieve more is the second best asset to have.


Grow your mental and physical health

Real wealth comes from having a healthy mind and a healthy body. Sometimes we get so focused on the money side of the equation we forget about the platform on which everything rests,  ourselves and our ability to show up and live life.

Money is not scarce it is easily accessible, health and time are the true scarce resources of life.

Unfortunately, we cannot manufacture more time – we have our allotment and that is that. We can however maximise the value we get out of our time and that means being the healthiest version of ourselves.

As I have already said, your best asset is you. Treat yourself with the care and consideration such a valuable asset deserves, nurture your body with healthy food and exercise and nurture your mind with positive influences, quiet time and fun!!

You have all the resources at your disposal to make 2021 a great year, so go and have an exceptional one!

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