According to the website, the number 2021 tells us that we are creators of our own lives. This is good news because 2020 certainly didn’t feel that way!

But as 2021 is open to us and our creativity, here are a further 5 numbers to know to support us in making it a success.


Credit Score

A credit score measures the likelihood that we will pay money back. It is determined by how we have borrowed and paid back our debts in the past.

It is important for when we want to take out credit cards, loans, mortgages, any other types of financing, mobile phone contracts and when renting a property.

In order to get the best financing rates or be best placed to be approved for financial transactions we need a good credit score.

2021 is your year to create your future, so find out your credit score at Experian, Equifax or Transunion  and set some goals to improve it, or if it is already good, work to keep it that way.


Net Income

This is the amount you have left after your expenses.

The more net income you have, the more  you have available to put to work by investing.

2021 is a good year to increase your income and reduce your expenses.

As a starting point get clear on how much you earn.

If employed take a good look at your payslip and understand what everything means and where the deductions are going, spruce up your CV, start a record at work of all your achievements and where you have produced value and schedule a salary review meeting with your manager. Even if you aren’t due an increase get clear, measurable milestones from your manager as regards the path to that increase or promotion.

If self employed, do a critical analysis of your past year. Identify how much income you generated, determine the sources and plan how you will scale up this year. Consider whether you adequately charged for your services or is it time to discuss an increase in fees.

On the expense side cut out the non essential expenses that don’t serve you or add real value to your life.

As regards essential expenses check that you aren’t overpaying on your service bills. Get your negotiating hat on and hit up your service providers to sharpen their pencils and improve their rates.

Remember every £1 of net income added is an increase in the amount that can be put to work building your financial future.


Net Worth


This is simply the difference between your assets, all the items that bring you income or could be sold for value and your liabilities, the amounts you owe.

Two things are important about this number.

The first is that it has nothing to do with your self-worth. So no blaming and shaming if you think it is too low or it’s negative.

The second thing is that this number is the starting point of your nest egg, the assets that you are going to build to provide an income sufficient to support you even if you weren’t working.

That is why it is the Golden number too know and to record because this is the number you want to grow.



Debt is the negative element in the net worth calculation and you can see if you can get debt out of that equation you immediately build your net worth.

If debt is pulling your net worth down, get clear on what debt you have and set some targets for 2021 to start to reduce or even eliminate it.

Although it may be scary to see it laid out starkly and clearly, this is the best way to start to tackle it.


Saving/Investing Rate


Your savings and investing rate is the percentage of your after tax income you are putting to work to  build your financial future.

This could be money you are putting into your pension, into your savings account or any other investments and ideally you want this to ultimately be around 15-20% of your net income.

If your savings rate is lower,  set a goal for 2021 to increase it by an amount that works for you and your budget.

And this is the number that builds up the asset side of your net worth equation.

When it comes to these numbers, small hinges swing big doors, so small positive changes can have a huge impact on your finances over time.

Make 2021 your year for starting an avalanche of good money actions. A positive change in one of these numbers is a positive change in your finances.

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