My passion is helping women step into their abundance and live a financially independent & empowered life.

Experience is the best catalyst for a business – I did not grow up in a privileged environment. My mother however, driven by her negative money scripts around her self worth and finances, was determined we would live a credit fuelled middle-class life. 

I learnt that your value is determined by what you have – money is a constant struggle and a lack of it means a lot of conflict.

“I did not want this to be my adult life

and promised myself I would study hard

get a good job earning a good salary and

theoretically live happily ever after…”

I went to university and studied finance which lead to me completing my articles and become a Chartered Accountant. To me, the next step to a successful career was to head into banking. My professional training however was sorely lacking in any education on how to handle and manage the money I was earning. In addition to this, I felt it would be totally taboo to ask questions – in fact, if I’m honest I didn’t even know what questions to ask! Ever been there?

From the outside it looked like I was living a successful life with all the trappings of success. But, even though I appeared to have it all together, I carried a huge secret – my finances were a mess! I was constantly stressed and couldn’t find anyone to talk to. I was not saving for retirement, or anything at all, I was not investing and worst of all I was constantly living above my own means.

Then it all hit the fan…

found out that my mother, who lives an entire hemisphere away, was destitute. She had sold all of her possessions that had any value   and she had been relying on the goodwill of her family to provide a roof over her head. Financial problems are deeply isolating, in her pride and most likely her fear of my judgement, she felt she couldn’t reach out to me for help. My heart broke for her. 

This is where I made my next significant

promise to myself, I was going to get

committed to sorting out my financial

situation. Once I had done so I was

going to help other women step away

from the shame, the stress and the fear

of feeling financially overwhelmed.”

I know first-hand the pain, stress and unhappiness of being financially insecure. I have seen how it undermined my confidence personally and professionally, how it impacted my relationships, my career and general wellbeing. I have also seen how becoming financially empowered sets you free to live the life you want! I am passionate about helping women like you live more financially empowered and abundant lives.

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