What would you do if you won a straight £10 million today?


What would you change in your life? What would you add or subtract? Who would you become? And most of all would you be happier?


It’s often in these moments when we feel free to simply dream that we recognise that the reality we are living is SO not in line with who we really are deep in our soul.


We recognise a want for something new. A new job, a healthier lifestyle or improved finances. We have a flash of excitement at the potential vision and feel momentarily inspired, but then inexplicably we lose motivation.


We make excuses and talk ourselves out of taking action on any solution or plan we think of for ourselves. We get stuck in indecisiveness, constantly wishing for things to be different but too afraid to change the status quo.


It’s only when we give ourselves full permission to be our true selves that we will find the motivation to change the situation.

These are the key steps to unlocking the life we see in our dreams.


Identify what you really want


In those moments of “what if” dreaming much of what crosses our minds is a glimpse into what we value, what is important for us to live a life congruent with our soul and as a result, what would bring us joy.


This space is the fertile ground for harvesting what makes us come alive, getting clear on what the important elements of our most authentic life are are and planning the actions we will take to getting them.


Take action


I know, having been there many times myself, it feels virtually impossible to take action when you feel stuck, but as you start to build that clearer picture of what you value and what you want from life, and you feel that spark of hopefulness, in this moment ask yourself what the smallest step can be that you feel you can take right this minute to move forward.

It doesn’t have to be a life changing giant leap. In fact it rarely is a life changing giant leap that brings the change it’s the small positive steps consistently taken that create the momentum that brings life transformation.

Set a deadline for when that first step will be taken and take that step. And then the next, and the next after that.


Don’t engage in self judgement and criticism


We are all about having total control in our lives and for everything to magically be “perfect”. But self-blame and self-judgement are what keep us stuck. The only way for us to move forward is to practice a lot of self-compassion, patience and forgiveness.


Remember all the challenges and apparent roadblocks are just part of life, they are not the result of us being unworthy, undeserving or not enough.


The key is to not only focus on the area that is keeping us stuck, be it our career, finances or health. We are much more than this one aspect. The important thing is to focus on the bigger picture and the positives that we have going on in this wider frame.


The beauty of being human is that we get to change our situation simply by changing our state of mind and perspective. We can reform our “stuckness” into opportunity and change our lives simply by reframing our viewpoint. And its here in the space of gratitude that we get to build our wealthy life.

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