“The rules were written more than 100 years ago for and by men and are no longer working in today’s modern workplace”

Shelley Zailis CEO The Female Quotient

Studies in recent years have uncovered increasing evidence that women in CEO or other senior executive positions have a positive impact on companies’ margins, profits and returns to shareholders.

Furthermore it was found that women led companies and those with a higher proportion of women in decision making roles tended to operate with more conservative balance sheets while still being able to achieve superior sales growth and higher return on investments.

Why do women led companies outperform ?


Women bring diversity of voice

Companies that are run by the homogenous old school lack the diversity of thinking, creativity and innovation that a heterogeneous leadership panel can bring to the table.

This  may be stating the obvious but women are fundamentally different to males, think Men are from Mars, women from Venus different. The combined outlooks and views of women, men and other diverse groupings is extremely powerful in uncovering opportunities and solutions.

And this is becoming very evident in companies that are showing outperformance AND diversity.


Women are all about investment in employee engagement and the nurturing of staff

This translates into innovation, increased loyalty to the company and higher performance.

Women are outward looking but not at the expense of those who will drive growth from the inside.

They nurture their biggest asset, their staff, and thereby build internal support and momentum.

Women are all about championing a solid supportive diverse work culture often providing childcare, equal pay and upward mobility for all.


Women approach decisions more cautiously

Women are more conservative or measured in  their approach, but they by no means shy away from calculated risks and as a result tend to operate with stronger more resilient balance sheets to build a solid growth trajectory.


Women are better communicators

Women are good at talking. Community and togetherness are after all our strong points.

When it comes to running a company women’s ability to communicate a rich vision means that women led companies are more purpose driven, have a clear strategy and mission and have buy in from staff that understand and support the plan.


Women are more willing to ask for help

Women have less of the solo hero mentality. We operate best within a supportive structure and are unafraid to put our ego’s aside and concede to others who know more.

As a result we are more inclined to surround ourselves with those who are better than us in  areas we do not excel in.

The outcome – a cohesive, diversely skilled and stronger company.


In no way do I want to detract from the success that male CEO’s have very clearly achieved but I do want to suggest this success will be short lived in the future if they are not brave enough to embrace diversity.


Why is this important for the non CEO women?


Actually there are NO non CEO women.

We are all CEO’s of our own lives and I believe the strengths that have been highlighted as those we bring to the workplace are those we have in our own households. And if we start to recognise and exploit these we can start to drive the  PLC or LTD of You and Me to where we want it to be in terms of the financial stability and success we want to achieve.

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