Do you?

… feel stressed and anxious about money and wish for that lottery win to help you get ahead?

… feel overwhelmed by your credit card debt?

… find yourself on an ’emotional spending’ treadmill and you can’t get off?

… feel worried that you are not saving enough for retirement and that you just don’t seem to have enough to save any more?

… feel unsure where your retirement savings are being invested and you are too afraid to ask?

… feel afraid of losing all of your savings if you invest yourself?

… know you are earning less than you deserve but you are fearful of speaking up?

… feel you have previously taken steps to improve your financial situation but you quickly fell back into your old habits?

… feel you earn a good income and anyone looking in from the outside would say you are successful – you, however harbour a deep shame over how unsuccessful you feel around your finances?


If you can say yes to any of these, you are in the right place. I can help you:

– Discover what limiting wealth stories you are telling yourself that are holding you back or restricting your financial success

– Build your inspiring, compelling wealth vision and break this down into achievable goals

– Understand the tools available to you

– Break through the confusion and overwhelm caused by the financial industry jargon, and get clear on what simple action steps to take

– Design a clear map for your path to financial freedom, and free you from the shackles that financial stress has put on your life, health and career 

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Michelle here,

You want to become financially independent and grow your wealth?

You are in the right place.

I help women build their financial intelligence. This means we talk money, earning it, saving it, investing it and growing it.


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