“Remember that: Money will always match your mindset”

Joe Vitale (Spiritual Teacher)


 A powerful psychological tool is cognitive reframing, which means looking at a situation from a different perspective.  A simple analogy would be changing the focus in photography from a narrow camera lens, too an  expansive wide lens. 

On the same basis, we get stuck in cycles of money thought and action that are as limiting as that narrow lens.

I invite you to widen your money lens by trying these reframing techniques, thereby creating new positive empowering money beliefs and habits.


Saving is buying your financial freedom, not self-deprivation


Saving can be hard to do. We constantly face trade off decisions between spending now or “depriving ourselves” and saving instead. With this mindset it is no wonder that we more often than not default to our instant gratification urges.


But what if we were to see saving for what it actually is. The wide lens picture. And this wide lens is about shopping for our financial future, a future free from financial stress and full of financial freedom. The freedom to choose how to live our lives and the support to confidently do so.

What a powerful mitigant to our buy now urges!


Habitual spending is an annuity expense


In our narrow focus it’s easy to see each small habitual expense as a one off amount irrespective of how regularly it recurs.


The wide focus would see the continuation of this ongoing expense as an annuity, a fixed sum of money paid on an ongoing basis.


I hate beating the latte dead horse (especially given that I am an avid addict and have no intention of giving up this “sin”) but that daily £2.80 translates into £1,022 per year and £10,220 over 10 years. Ouch !!!


By taking a look at our habitual expenditures from this wider frame it becomes much clearer how our spending habits are impacting our future. Furthermore, each one of these little spending habits are not isolated occurrences. Tallying up each of these “annuity” expenses could be a huge reality check.


I have the latte addiction, add to that my monthly gym expense at around £60, another £7,200, my work lunches, say another £18,250 and this little lot “steals” £35,670 from the future me.


I am definitely not suggesting giving up all the pleasures you have in life, but looking at them from a wide angle may lead you to identify which are worth it and which you would prefer to bin and redirect to your future cash accumulation.


Time is a scarce resource, money isn’t


A lot of us are in the business of trading time for money. We are trading a very scarce resource for one which is essentially unlimited. Worse  we are trading our time without properly valuing it.


In our pursuit for more money to have more fun with our time, we are focused on the wrong resource.


This has been a one of the most limiting mindset misconceptions I have operated under and unfortunately it took many years into my adulthood before I started realising this mistake.


We have to get our money working for us as soon as we can because the more our money works the less we have too. This doesn’t mean dedicating decades of our lives to growing our wealth it means being smart about it and starting early.


Focus on identifying ways your money can be used to make more money. The simplest is investing in ourselves, investing in assets and investing in passive income streams by way of other businesses. For example property investing or a side hustle which can be turned into a passive income stream.


Change your environment, change your mindset


Jim Rohn, the motivational speaker, apparently said we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.


This means we will typically adopt the average mindsets of those we associate with the most. If we associate with people who are limited in their thinking and follow the average approach to their finances this is us. If we want to do and be different we have to find those who are different.


This doesn’t mean “divorcing” your friends and family it means expanding your network to include those you aspire to be like, those who you can learn from and those you typically don’t see yourself successful enough to hang out with.

It boils down to the biggest game changer we face;  pushing past the boundaries of our comfort zones.


Money needs your attention


Money is a needy devise. It is fuelled by attention and the more positive the attention we can give to it, being mindful of where it I going ,directing it effectively, guiding it to work for us, and knowing its worth to us, the more it will grow and attract more abundance.


Build routines into your life around keeping an eye on your money and processes and systems to ensure it is doing what is required to create your life vision.


Don’t chase money, chase your dreams


“If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.”

John D Rockefeller


If your sole focus is on building wealth you will never get there.  Wealth and money in itself are valueless and meaningless. Money gets its value from what it can do for you. And this is beyond the basic necessities of life.


The value of money is in the life you can live when  you feel secure and comfortable in your ability to attract it and supported by that which you have already created from it. The confidence in your ability to create wealth stems from living a life of passion. If you are living your life with passion and focus on your values, you will attract money.


This is not a woowoo law of attraction concept where you don’t have to do anything. It is totally about doing. But doing that which energises, excites and inspires you every day.


When we are living in our truth and being who we truly are we unleash the full magnetism of our ability to attract what we need in life. Ironically, this space is usually when we are least focused on attracting anything. We are totally focused on giving the world the benefit of everything that the universe has gifted us that makes us so unique and valuable.

Having a limited money mindset literally sabotages your ability to build wealth. Grab the Cheat Sheet to end your self sabotage around money.

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