“Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your words, they become actions.

Watch your actions, they become habits.

Watch your habits, they become character.

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny”

Mahatma Gandhi


Words are powerful. They are the bridge between our thoughts and our reality. Without words our thoughts would simply fade into nothingness. Words are the power that brings our thoughts to life.

We unfortunately misuse this power especially when it comes to money and given the negative thoughts many of us have around it, we are giving these incredible power through our words.


Power words that sabotage our money success


Money doesn’t grow on trees

These words give power to our fears and thoughts around money scarcity. We start to focus on what we don’t have, on how “money is hard to come by” and we limit our ability to attract more abundance into our lives by closing ourselves off to any potential opportunities.


I’m bad with money

This is a completely closed end phrase and implies that we have no ability to change the situation. The dark truth though  is that we have no intention of changing the situation and with this phrase we have signed and sealed our fate.


It takes money to make money

Someone forgot to tell Oprah this when she was a destitute teen living in poverty seeing as she is now one of the richest women in the world.

While it is easy to argue that she is an anomaly, there are countless “everyday” people who similarly started with nothing and have built up a strong foundation of financial security or even reached a place where they have the choice to take early retirement from their 9 to 5.


These are three of many phrases that I could have mentioned. “The rich always get richer, the poor always get poorer”, “Money corrupts”, “I will never have enough money” and so on.

You may even have your own flavour of this negative money talk. I know I do and I know how much these words have limited me. They entangle us in a disempowering money loop and we won’t escape until we recognise our thoughts and our words created it. 


While these negative money traps may be hard to escape from, they are not impossible, implement the powerful actions below and ignite the positive power of your words.


Powerful actions that can change your financial destiny


Choose your words wisely


Most of what we say is unconscious and totally discounts the power of our words. If we knew their potency, we would understand how pivotal they are in changing our reality. 

To understand the power of our words we need to become more mindful around our language.

When we say something out loud often enough it becomes truth to us and to all those that we tell it too.

It is important then, to drop the negative “speak”. The words; can’t, won’t, don’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t. You get the picture.

Your words create your reality, choose the words that create the reality YOU want.


Speak words that positively affirm your identity


These are the “I am” phrases that determine our destiny. As we are programmed to always live congruently with our beliefs and thoughts, the more we say we are something the more it becomes who we are.

And while it is easy to say some positive mantra, once we have built up all these negative beliefs, this positive statement may be so far outside our beliefs that it is basically a whole heap of meaningless BS!

Start slowly and create your identity incrementally until you believe it. Use positive phrases that positively “speak” of the changes that are happening.

  • I’m becoming better with money and learning how to manage and grow it
  • I’m grateful for the abundance I have attracted into my life and look forward to attracting more
  • I’m beginning to see the opportunities available to me and I’m learning to be open to them

Use the language of love

Our negative words around money are generated by our fears, insecurities and perceived disappointments.

A mindful approach to money means we can use words that are seeds of hope, possibility, opportunity and creativity.

The words that speak of what we want out of life as opposed to those that keep us stuck in what we don’t want.

What we focus on grows. If we focus on the negatives and dark side that is what we will get more off. If we change our language  to speak about the positive aspects we open ourselves to receiving more.

Words are cheap it is often said, and positive words cost equally as much as the negative ones to utter but the resulting avalanche from those spoken words will bring a dramatic shift in our reality.

What reality do you want to create and are your words supporting this?


Our words and our mindset are totally interwoven, Grab the worksheet to uncover your money mindset.

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