It’s International Women’s Day and what better time to celebrate all the things we ladies have achieved over the last couple of decades.


Personal Finances


Decades ago women were mostly excluded from the topic of money. We didn’t make it to the Money Lessons 101 classes that our male counterparts seemed freely able to attend and yet here we are, managing our money, learning about personal finance and catching up on years of being left in the dark as regards the secret workings of the financial boys club.

We are doing good !!!

It’s time to stop beating ourselves up about being behind financially, making mistakes or not getting it right. We have navigated to this point largely unsupported and are currently expected to control close to $30 trillion of global assets by 2030 according to an article by McKinsey & Company. 

Wherever you are in your financial journey celebrate being at this point and all the actions you have taken to get here and are  going to take to get where you want to be.


Leadership and Inclusion


Many of the female characteristics that were shunned as weakness, our empathy, compassion, our relationship building skills, our team work and our ability to approach things differently are now being sought after as strengths in the workplace.

This is not a “women taking over the world” dynamic. This is women collaborating together and with men to contribute to the world equally. And a world of balance where people are valued because of their differences and their unique individuality is a stronger, more creative and innovative workplace.

Through years of perseverance and persistence the female way of inclusion and partnership  is becoming the new way.




Disruption is a radical change to an existing status quo. We are dismantling and eliminating the old paradigm.

We are no longer the subservient acceptors of the role that is assigned to us. We make our own role. We face our own limiting beliefs, developed through years of being held back, and the hindrances society throws at us and yet we soldier on. We are changing the world around us and within us. We are releasing the fierce woman we are meant to be and living the unapologetic lives we are meant to be living.

We are becoming women who recognise our strength, individually and together  and who are confidently taking our position of equality with men, determinedly creating the balance in the world.

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