“Jealousy is when you count someone else’s blessings instead of your own”. Anon


We all know jealousy is one of the 7 deadly sins”

It IS deadly, lethally so, because it literally suffocates any chance of us achieving our own personal, financial and professional goals. 

I’m very familiar with this toxic green monster and have spent way too much time and energy being lured into its killer claws, letting its poison distract me from my vision for my life and the opportunities that might have presented themselves had I been focused on my own path as opposed to all those I envied.

Jealousy and envy led me into feeling inadequate, helpless, hopeless and filled with pessimism. The result, I gave up trying, I convinced myself I could never achieve what I coveted. And even worse, these very yucky, not good feelings led to spending and financial choices that put me down the slippery slope to never achieving my goals.

However, like every other character flaw, jealousy does not need to be fatal. While eliminating envy might be a huge challenge,we can at least reduce the bad decisions it may cause us to take and here’s how.


Celebrate others success

I know, I know, it’s a real kick in the stomach when THAT person who seems to have everything gets more added to their overflowing plate

It’s hard to feel anything but white-hot vitriol.

But guess what?

You can feel genuinely happy for them. The ability to do so is like a muscle that gets stronger the more we exercise it.

Conversely the more we exercise the green-eyed monster reaction. The more powerful that reaction becomes.

Other people’s successes don’t close the door on our ability to achieve our own. In fact, their success is an invitation to us that it can be done!


Celebrate your own good fortune


What has the power to materially change our lives for the better and doesn’t cost a single penny?


We all have some pretty amazing things in our lives. We just need to take the time to consciously look for them.

Practising gratitude has a multitude of benefits from better health to increased self-esteem and more importantly in this case, it’s the most effective antidote to envy.

It forces us to focus on the now. It increases our enjoyment of the present moment and it opens us up to attracting more abundance.


Cultivate relationships with those who reflect the values you want to live by


There is a saying, “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”.

The philosophy behind this is that you absorb all the traits of those around you and the corollary to this is that if you want to change some of those traits you need to change your influencer group.

So while I’m certainly not saying disown your family or bin your friend group, what I am saying is be more mindful about what you do let yourself take onboard from them, get a lot more verbal in terms of stating what you are willing to entertain and seek out those who can provide the “missing parts” you want to learn.


Be generous with your time and money


By giving generously of our time, energy and spare money we get to experience abundance first hand.

The simple act of sharing cements our belief in the abundance available to us. 

The act of giving, receiving and recognising kindness gives us purpose, self-esteem and leaves no room for jealousy and envy.

At the end of the day, jealousy and envy come from a sense of not having enough. Creating habits and positive actions to combat this empty feeling creates space for recognising all the wonderful things we have in our own lives.

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