“My mission in life is not too merely survive but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.”

Maya Angelou


Are you merely financially surviving?

Is money for you all about stress and worry rather than opportunity and gratitude?

There is a huge difference between financially surviving and thriving and ironically it’s not all about the money you have. It’s about your mindset and the actions you are taking around your money.

Here are some examples of surviving financially and suggestions for shaking that off and stepping into financially thriving.


The “You Only Live Once” survival mindset

“Without a vision to guide our path and ambition that knows no limits, we can never build a bright future for generations to come” Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum


Survival mode tends to keep us trapped in the now. It’s very difficult to envision a future when you are barely getting by in the present.

The survival mindset is all about instant gratification and the need to grab everything now.

This is the space where we are inclined to spend our money on lavish vacations, extravagant dinners and luxurious purchases while trying to ignore the future consequences because we “only live once”.

These actions keep us trapped on the survival treadmill constantly chasing the elusive freedom carrot while sabotaging our ability to reach it.

This is a way of living I’m all too familiar with, having operated on that particular treadmill for a large part of my life and I can tell you this is very different from thriving.

The definition of thriving is “prospering and growing”.

Nothing prospers or grows without time and attention and if your money is being thrown out of your life at the earliest opportunity you have nothing to prosper and grow with.

By creating a vision of your prosperous future and setting aside money in the now to grow and build that future for yourself you are closing the door on that “grabby” surviving mindset and opening the one that allows you to feel excitement for the future while thriving in the now.

Consciously make a plan to save an amount of money every month. Start with what you feel you can reasonably do now and as your motivation and commitment to doing so grows, increase the amount to the point that you can comfortably say you only “spend what you have left after saving”. Cheesy, I know and I also know you’ve read and heard this at least a trillion times but it works, guaranteed!


The “no plan” survival approach

 “You can’t have a million-dollar goal, with a one dollar work ethic” Stephen C Hogan


Your money’s sole purpose is to work for you. But money is a particularly fickle employee who unless it’s told exactly what to do will run off and do something else. Usually in someone else’s bank account who does have a plan for it.

When we are living in survival mode we seldom have a plan, or goal, for our money to work towards and every month the money just seems to disappear.

To truly thrive we also have to grow as individuals. And growth means pushing our boundaries, trying new things and having a plan!

Our money is the tool we have to help us follow our plan and it can be a powerful tool if we get it on the same page as us when it comes to the plan.

Giving every pound of our money a job to do accelerates our ability to build our dreams and support the vision and goals we want to strive for.


The failing to invest survival approach

“Using all of your resources wisely is key for growth which opens up success. Unfortunately most don’t realise this and the door of opportunity stays closed.” Lincoln Patz


The survival mindset comes up with all sorts of excuses for not investing from “I don’t have enough money” to “I don’t know what to do”.

And this is basically the same concept as a little bird refusing to use its wings because it doesn’t yet know how to fly.

Maybe the bird idea is a bad analogy but the bottom line is that investing is the rocket fuel to building wealth.

If you aren’t investing your money it’s not growing. In fact if you have some in a savings account it’s actually shrinking because the interest rate you are likely to be earning is probably less than inflation.

And if you aren’t investing in yourself and your skillset you will be stagnating.

Investing in yourself or investing your money is the not so secret, secret to escaping the survival mode.

Do yourself and your future self a huge favour by establishing your future vision, taking control and directing your money to work for you and investing both your money and in yourself. This is your ticket to financially thrive and its yours for the taking.

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