Comparison is an allergy that makes us look at others enviously and ourselves in comparison with mean, judgemental eyes.

The side effects of this ailment are low self esteem, giving up on our goals or some other bad, emotionally driven decision. 

Hardly the recipe for success in anything let alone our finances.

The good news is there is an antidote made up of some powerful ingredients to counteract this contagion and in this article we are going to uncover it.


 Ingredient 1: The 1% better motivator

The most valuable comparison is the person you were yesterday.

One of our basic human drivers is the drive for self actualisation – achieving our highest potential. 

And this requires constant improvement making us better today than we were yesterday.

This is  a huge motivator for us to take action and the catalyst for igniting this drive is knowing where we are now and where we want to go too.

 To measure improvement we need a base to work from, And the base is our financial situation today.  This means establishing the amount of assets we have accumulated to date less the amount of debt we owe. This is better known as our net worth or a term I prefer, our net asset value.

Once we have determined this number we can set goals for where we want it to be in 3 months, a year, 3 years, 30 years and by measuring our progress on these goals we can see our daily improvement.

 Building our net asset value simply means paying down our debt and increasing our assets.

And all it requires is that we are 1% better today than we were yesterday.

This is not just the monetary measure but also the new habits we are learning to achieve these goals.

This is the most powerful comparison we can make because not only is it is a measure based on our own reality and the path we have taken to get here, but it is also a measure of where we are at on the journey we want to take.


Ingredient 2: Use other’s achievements as a positive motivator as opposed to a source of comparison

Have you ever got fixated on a particular sweater, pair of shoes or vacation destination. Isn’t it amazing how all of a sudden you start seeing these items all over the place. Your social feeds become filled with images of it, your neighbour has a vacation planned to that destination or the person standing next to you in the checkout queue is wearing the shoes or sweater?

We will always get more of what we focus on. And if you are looking for gazillionnaires who started their company and sold it in a week for billions without even getting out of bed, you will find them. Only thing is these stories are less than motivating.

Instead look for stories that inspire you, that make you realise what is possible for you and in no way detract from where you are now.


 Ingredient 3: Gratitude


My favourite ingredient.

Gratitude has helped me through some dark moments and I am totally convinced of its power.

In expressing gratitude for what we have, we  acknowledge all the good things that have flowed to us with no effort as well as the things that have come from our efforts.

And  by focusing on these things we open ourselves to receiving more.


And finally..


Comparison is a waste of good brain space.

In our equation no one else’s progress is going to positively change our lives. At the end of the day it’s our progress that counts after all.

Direct your brain energy to focusing on that!


Ready to set your starting point? Grab the Net Asset Value Infographic to see how it is calculated.


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