“A product of our subconscious, intuitiveness is a flash of insight that we couldn’t have obtained from any other source” Delphine Dard -Pourrat, Kensho Advisory


Have you ever had that nagging feeling about a money decision that things just don’t feel right?


Did you shelve it as it seemed too “spiritual” for money?


That would have been totally wrong as intuition is a powerful component in making good money and life decisions. In fact Albert Einstein summed it up beautifully; “ The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant”


Although intuition is the heart and gut side of our decision-making process, it draws on the collection of all our sub-conscious experiences, and some would even go so far as to say not only those that we have personally experienced, but also what we subconsciously carry from our ancestors’ experiences. And this is all mixed in with  the knowledge and skills we have learned to give is our sacred super power.


And no rational money or life decision is complete without bringing our intuition into the picture. The challenge however, is in relearning how to tap into and trust our intuition after having very successfully taught ourselves to discount it based on the little value the modern analytical world seemed to have assigned to it.


So how do we do that?


I can say I’m SO not an expert on this and personally sit on the first rung of the ladder of reconnecting with my intuition, the experts, however, have some really good suggestions and those I have read consistently suggest the following 3 key ways to get better at harnessing and trusting our intuition.


Make a calm space for reflection


“ Intuition is soul guidance, appearing naturally in people during those instances when their mind is calm” Autobiography of a Yogi 


How successful are you at thinking in a busy, noisy environment?  It’s almost impossible to try and block out all the stimulation and connect with your analytical mind let alone your innermost thoughts when there is a lot going on!


Intuition flourishes when you give your mind the calmness and space it needs for quiet reflection.


Meditation is a proven way to do so. Although it may sound a bit woo woo and time consuming, I know this is how it sounds to me,  it remains to be, according to experts, the most powerful way to access the answers we seek in the universe!


It pays then from a decision-making point of view to create a space in our day to meditate. It apparently also pays in other ways as well, such as stress reduction, better sleep and improvements in health to name a few, so a win-win all around and clearly worthy of a try or two!


Keep an open mind


“At times you have to leave the city of your comfort zone and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you will discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself” Alan Alda


One of the negative aspects of supressing our intuition is that our cognitive bias has thrived. This is the tendency to look for evidence that supports beliefs we have grabbed onto and typically is built on what society deems acceptable and our formative experiences with that.


It gets in the way of us being open-minded to any contradictory opinion as well as “heart or gut” indications that are contrary to our preset beliefs. This is why, we now find it so hard to trust our gut instincts; because they are so often polar opposite to what we believe “conventional” wisdom is.


As its very difficult to “self-diagnose” incorrect beliefs, how do we go about making space to be open-minded?

Again, I’ve had to refer to expert opinions on this, and the common suggestion is that being open-minded in another of those skills we learn with practice!


The most important aspect of the open-mindedness is curiosity.


Approach your reflection time with curiosity for what your thoughts are around a decision or event.


Listen to your head first, to clear the noise of all the thoughts you have going on in there. Then listen to your gut and heart.


Write your thoughts in your journal, ideally just before bedtime, and then sleep on it.


Add your new thoughts to the journal in the morning as soon as you wake up.


Take time to reflect on what is coming up for you and according to the experts, over time you will start to recognise the signs of your intuition.


Exercise your intuition


 “The more you trust your intuition the more empowered you become, the stronger you become and the happier you become” Giselle Bundchen


We all have intuition, research has even shown that women naturally, through evolution, have stronger intuition then men, having needed to develop it to protect our young, and I suspect also ourselves, through history!


As we adapted to living very much in a patriarchal world we suppressed many of the traits that made us the more spiritual, instinctive sex and “turned off” our intuition.


Despite this, our intuition has always been there. In some cases it has adapted to give us much louder messages through gut issues, health concerns and other life niggles to try and get  us to “listen” to it. Think about when you have been in a career or relationship that isn’t working, you kept on “feeling” something wasn’t quite right but didn’t act until something really big happened health-wise or in your life that made you realise it really wasn’t where you should be!


It’s time to start listening and once again start trusting your intuition. And the more you do so and act on the signs, the more you will see the powerful force that it is in changing the outcome of the decisions that you take, especially those money ones!


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