Many women see money as masculine. It may be a generational bias we have adopted having seen our grandfathers and even fathers as the “money” figure or possibly it’s a cultural construct given that money in many languages takes on the masculine designation.

Whatever the basis,  by assigning the masculine energy to money we assign manly traits to it that may appear to us to be inconsistent with our feminine energy and feminine way and as a result contribute to any limited beliefs we already harbour about money.


Money is only logical


Women, and especially those who identify as creatives, often avoid taking control of their money and say that it’s because they are bad with numbers.

We assume that money is some black art that requires a mathematical degree to manage.

While money management does require an element of maths, it’s more of an art than a science.

Money is personal and the best person to manage your money is you. You know what you want from your money and using your feminine energy, which drives your creativity, curiosity and collaboration abilities, you can tackle the sides of money you see as masculine by building your knowledge and your money skills.


Money is hostile


Feelings that women describe they have when thinking about money are typically fear, inadequacy and dread. Men describe their feelings around money as ambition, power and esteem.

Women are more likely to perceive the masculine energy of money as hostile. This may be attributable to the fact that  it was created to be that way. Women were deliberately excluded from personal finances and the money club which was designed to cater to the masculine side of money.

Thankfully this is changing as women have started taking back their financial power and the providers of financial services now recognise the untapped feminine market.

However, while it evolves we can use our feminine energy and thereby our intuition to uncover what is driving our fear, what actions we can take to address the aspects that make us feel inadequate, and through all of this tackle the dread that may be holding us back from fully stepping into our feminine money power.


Money is corrupting


In viewing money as masculine from the vantage of our feminine energy we aren’t able to directly associate money with our beliefs and we fear that having more of that masculine energy will change us and not in a good way.

We associate that masculine energy with greed, corruption and selfishness.

The truth is that money reveals more of who we really are. If we are selfish and greedy before we got wealthy, we’ll probably be worse once we get rich. However, if we are generous, nurturing, grateful and caring without money, we are likely to stay that way.  Only now we will have more financial resources to act on it.

In reality, money merely has the energy we assign to it and the way for us to create true prosperity is by balancing it’s masculine and feminine energy with the traits of both that work for us individually. When you find an aspect of the masculine energy of money holding you back, balance that with an action consistent with your feminine energy and in doing so align your money to more closely reflect your values.

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