Love is a wonderful thing when we have it, a good conversation starter when we are looking for it, but never something we avoid as a topic. Sex? Some of us love to talk about it all the time, some of us some of the time, but even those of us who avoid talking about it, will give the dirty on their sex life before they will disclose anything about their money affairs – 100% of the time. Money is the ultimate taboo and this is one of the first lessons we learn.

Money is our measure of all we have achieved and all we have not – it can represent our biggest shame.

Money is so intertwined with our hopes, our desires and our achievements that it has become our personal measure of self-worth. As humans there is nothing that makes us feel more vulnerable than feeling not enough, less than or at worst, a failure. Money is the ultimate measure on this scale.

Money, being so integral to our biggest dreams could be the spark for our greatest creativity.

Maria Nemeth in her must read book, The Energy of Money, writes that money being so central to our deepest emotions, fears and aspirations is a fertile ground for developing our wildest dreams, opportunities and visions. It is the place from which our creativity could grow the strongest wings but yet it doesn’t. The limiting factor? Our belief system.

Our beliefs unconsciously limit our ability to manifest abundance.

The shocking truth, our beliefs stand between where we are now and achieving our greatest dreams. We don’t even know what most of our beliefs are. They are totally unconscious. They were most likely formed at some stage to protect us. We didn’t discard them after their usefulness had ended and they have hung around ever since getting in the way of our big dreams and our abundance.  

The key to uncovering limiting beliefs is discomfort.

The way to discover our beliefs and start dismantling our personal dogma is to get curious. Our beliefs are well hidden within us, disguised by our ritualistic behaviour and thinking. Start uncovering your beliefs by choosing to act differently. When we disrupt our status quo, we challenge our beliefs. They are forced into the light to justify and support their purpose. Identify them, question them and replace those that no longer serve you with more empowering beliefs. Replace ‘I cannot’ with ‘I will find a way’, scarcity with abundance and threat with opportunity. You more than anyone has the greatest ability to influence your actions!

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