I like to think my soul was created with a practical approach to life sprinkled with a good degree of belief in unscientific Woo Woo. 

As a result, although I am pragmatic, the spiritual side of life fascinates me and I find many of life’s challenges countered by some of that mystique.

When I started my journey to unravelling my messy finances I read a truckload of books. The books that resonated with me were those that seemed to have that Woo Woo spiritual element. Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and Jen Sincero’s “You are a Badass at Making Money” spring to mind.

The common theme I found in many of these books was the requirement to train your mind for abundance. This training typically included creating money mantras. And based on these suggestions I now have a few that I run through every morning.

Recently I discovered there is a lot less Woo and a lot more science behind the positive effects of mantras. Mantra in Hinduism and Buddhism means a sacred utterance or group of words that train and focus the mind. Simplistically, positive and affirmative mantras rewire the neural pathways in our brains, creating new empowering belief systems. They break the old limiting thought patterns created by our negative mantras and open our thought processes into more positive, opportunistic thinking.

Here are 7 money mantras that are powerful because they are attached to our 7 Chakra’s, the energy centres in our bodies. Adapt the wording to how you would speak them yourself and use them to reset any limiting money beliefs that are holding you back.


MANTRA 1: I AM grateful for the abundance that has already flowed to me and look forward to receiving more abundance

A call to our Root Chakra, seeking to create a foundation of emotional and physical security. By acknowledging we are already recipients of abundance, both financial and other we create a positive mindset to build on that certainty.

When saying this mantra focus on its words but also focus on what abundance you are grateful for.


MANTRA 2: I FEEL that money flows to me with ease and that I can attract more and more abundance


The Sacral Chakra is closely linked to our emotions and this mantra speaks to that.

Science has proven that 90% of our relationship with money is driven by our emotions. This mantra seeks to support our emotional stability and positivity about money and to break any old money mindset that has created the belief that money is hard.


MANTRA 3: I DO manifest more money

This mantra ignites the Solar Plexus Chakra, the chakra that is associated with our power to initiate action and ignites our drive to work towards getting more money.


MANTRA 4: I LOVE money and enjoy taking the time to get financially educated to understand money and build wealth

A call to the Heart Chakra allowing you to give yourself permission to want more money, to understand that you are deserving of more money and that it’s the ultimate self-care to want to grow your money and build financial stability. 

MANTRA 5: I SPEAK freely about money and am confident in engaging in money talk

A shout out to the Throat Chakra, the ruler of communication, to break the taboo and fear around money.

Much of the dark mystery and opaqueness of personal finance is fed from our avoidance of broaching the money topic.

When the shame and reserve around money has been breached and we can feel free to openly talk about it, its dark hold on us will be broken and no longer will it be our master.


MANTRA 6: I SEE all the opportunities available to me to grow my money and achieve my goals

The Third Eye Chakra houses our intuition and wisdom and by acknowledging the infinite possibilities that exist within us we acknowledge our power to change our circumstances.


MANTRA 7:  I UNDERSTAND that my past money choices were lessons to be learned and I forgive myself for the choices that didn’t support me

The Crown Chakra mantra accepts that we are all on a lifelong learning process. Mistakes will happen and should be welcomed because they are the stepping stones to a higher level of consciousness if we can learn from them.

By speaking to the energy centres of our body through our mantras we train and energise our mind to be open to a more empowering relationship with money and a new openness towards receiving more of it. Creating a positive vibration in the universe we become an attractor of more abundance.


Our Mantras are powerful tools but do require a positive environment to grow. Gratitude is the catalyst for creating that environment. Start building your Gratitude Muscle with the 7 day Gratitude Challenge.


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