There are many motivators that lead to success, a singular focus on getting  bucket loads of money is not one of them.

Jim Carrey the comedian sums this up well; “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see it’s not the answer”.


Money as your master


If having a lot of money is your ultimate goal you surrender your power to it and instead of treating it simply as a tool to build on your values and to support you in living the life you want, you let it be your master.

And money is a fickle master who can come and go on a whim. In chasing it, all you are becomes secondary and you look to money to make you who you want to be.

However if you have decided to define yourself by how much you have, who do you become without it?


Money as your magical problem solver


Have you ever thought, “I will be happy when I have more money” or “All my problems will be solved when I make more”?

The truth is this isn’t about the money. And you will realise that, the longer you wait for its magic to make everything ok.

This is clear when you see the stats on how many exceptionally wealthy people have sabotaged their health in trying to find the solution when money hasn’t solved the problem or those who have unexpectedly received a windfall and then lost it all in their pursuit of that special magic they think money has.

Money has no magic about it. 

The magic is in solving the problem, or in delving into what is missing.


Money to change who you are


You think more money will make you feel worthy, deserving or special?  Or that more people will like and admire you because you have money?


If you don’t like who you are, money isn’t going to miraculously change that. Money can’t buy a new you.

And yes, I know it can change the façade but it cannot change the specialness that makes you who you are.

And thank goodness for that.

What money can do is provide the tools for you to have the freedom to provide for yourself and those you love, to build the skills and knowledge you want to cultivate and to use that uniqueness you have to make the differences you want to make in the world. And in my opinion, that’s the biggest motivator.


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