Our relationship with our money is the deepest love/hate connection we will ever have. It is so integral to who we are, how we live and act that putting our beliefs around it under our own microscope of consciousness and laser focus could have a profound effect on our financial future.

Your beliefs influence who you are

Belief is so powerful it moulds our character and ultimately our entire lives. We will reflect 100% what we believe in how we act. We will constantly seek out validation for what we believe and ultimately what we believe will be our life. Ironically we have manifested the negative beliefs we have without realising we could equally have manifested the opposite.

What we believe in one aspect of our lives we consistently flow through the other areas. It follows then that our beliefs around ourselves determine who we are being with our money. Are we the master directing our money to create our financial vision and goals, or the lowly money slave, continually wishing for it to stay in our lives.

Limiting money beliefs such as I am not good with money, money corrupts or people like me are never rich, are so inconsistent with attracting abundance you could almost say they are money repellents.  They become so ungrained in our identity that the unconscious actions they cause us to take totally sabotage our capacity to manifest wealth.

Your beliefs influence how others act towards you

The actions we take as a result of our beliefs, accepting our salary level without questioning, being afraid to question a likely overcharge while out shopping or avoiding asking questions about the details of our workplace pension, influence everyone we encounter to respond to us accordingly. We will be overlooked, exploited and treated consistently with our belief system.

Your beliefs become your comfort zone

Even worse the beliefs we have and the negative actions we take become familiar habits to us. We settle into them because this is the zone we understand and feel comfort in. The horrible discomfort of our feelings around money is our default state. We literally force ourselves to live consistently in this state through what we chose to do.

Carole Dweck defined this state as the fixed mindset in her ground breaking book, “Mindset: the New Psychology of Success. This mindset causes us to stay stuck in the sinking sand of our own beliefs.

Your beliefs can change if you choose to change them

A fixed mindset is not cast in stone, or the end of the journey. As soon as you become curious about why you believe certain things, or why you act a certain way, your curiosity shines a flash light on the dark corners of your mind where these beliefs have become part of the furniture. We are able to start questioning whether they fit, and start to see they are outdated. This is the start of what Carole refers to as the growth mindset.

Mindsets are an important part of our personality, but we can change them. By focusing on our beliefs we can start thinking and acting in new ways. We may catch ourselves falling into the limited pattern of thinking that we aren’t good enough, that trying something new leads to failure, that we don’t deserve the reward or acknowledgement. As we recognise the disempowering thought we can turn in around and start focusing on a growth mindset such as identifying the first action we can take to change that thought and making an effort to try and building a more empowering set of actions.

The important part of recognising when we fall into the comfort zone of the old disempowering habits is that we learn to start speaking to ourselves in a more supportive, loving fashion in place of our habitual negative thinking. This starts to cement the positive aspect of our new behaviours. Our beliefs start to follow the new positive actions, and we start to attract the evidence for our new positive beliefs. The positive beliefs and action combination creates a healthy money relationship and all the abundance that grows for that.

Having a positive healthy money mindset is the golden key to opening a lifetime of abundance, if you are ready to take a look at your money mindset and what may be holding you back please book a free clarity session to have a chat!



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