“Having financial clarity is the driver to creating healthy financial habits”


The start of a new year is the perfect time to do a financial spring clean. While the nuts and bolts of our finances, the mindful spending plans, the strategies for paying down debt, investing and growing wealth are a major aspect of the spring clean even more fundamental is the self-development aspects you can work on to set yourself up for success.


Declutter your money mindset


Our minds are constantly filtering information and assigning meaning to what they absorb based on how they translate the information in terms of our own map of the world.


Our map of the world is built on biases that we have developed from all our experiences and how the information resonates with our biases is how it’s understood.


Unfortunately, the information we receive is seldom neutral especially where it is being absorbed from the media. The language is emotive and designed to create an effect.


Given all this biased stimulation we have an ongoing task of being mindful around the beliefs we may be harbouring and developing around money.


While an ongoing self-awareness is required,  a focused annual check-in to confirm that we are thinking about our money and finances in the best light is an equally important aspect of keeping our mindset free from the clutter of limiting beliefs.


Regularly visit the thoughts you have around money, has a sense of tension, dissatisfaction, disconnect or fear crept in? What is the language you are using around it? Is it positive and supportive of maintaining healthy money actions and money habits? What is the story you are telling yourself about your finances? Does it motivate you and inspire you to continue on your financial journey?


Identifying new limiting money beliefs and taking action to understand and counter them is an essential part of keeping you on track towards your financial goals.


Polish your financial “why”


When we initially get started on following a financial plan and having big life goals, it’s hugely exciting and builds our motivation and desire to keep on track with healthy money habits.


Our “why” is a powerful driver.


However as this is a long term plan we can get lost in the mundaneness of not much seeming to change in the short to medium term. We may still be on the path to paying off our debt, our net worth may still be hovering around where we started out and our goals may still be looking far off on the horizon. It’s easy to lose some degree of motivation.


An annual, or even more regular, check-in to reconfirm, reinvigorate and renew our “why” renergises us, refocuses us and reaffirms the reason behind making supportive money decisions and implementing healthy money habits.


Keeping an easily accessible and flashy reminder of this “why” is an equally important part of the equation. Create a new vision board of your “why”, set a new mantra on your phone and put reminders in places you know you will regularly find them.



Boost your financial knowledge


“Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn and the more self-confidence you will have” 



Commit to building your financial literacy. When it comes to your money you are the best person to make decisions around it, so become an expert on your finances.


Build your knowledge to understand

  • how to effectively manage what you earn
  • how to maximise what you have
  • how to grow your money to reach your goals

According to experts the best way to build your enjoyment of a subject while building your knowledge around it is to immerse yourself in it. Listen to financial podcasts, watch webinars and teach-in’s, read books, join a group of like-minded individuals also on a positive money journey, ask questions and talk money.


There is a lot of information out there and it can be confusing and overwhelming to get started but if you focus on your own finances and building your knowledge around the specifics of them, you can to maximise your chances of a positive outcome.

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