You are ready to:

– Break free from your financial stress

– Learn new habits, behaviours and skills around your finances 

– Commit to changing your financial situation

Lets put it in focus and effort to get there


I will help you to:

– Find your inspiration to connect to your finances by getting closer on your values, vision and goals

– Identify what has slowed you down or stopped you from achieving freedom from financial stress

– What is your money mindset and your limiting scripts

– Provide practical, clear action steps to get you onto your personal wealth path to financial freedom

– See the benefit freedom from financial stress can bring to your health, relationships and career. Provide the support and accountability to help you get your new empowering financial habits to stick.


I worked with Michelle over a six month period during a difficult time in my life and I must say she gets results! When we began our sessions,  I was living apart from my family in an effort to find a school for my special needs son and I was therefore, unemployed.  During this time, my mother received a terminal diagnosis and another close family member died unexpectedly.  Needless to say, I was feeling unmoored, overwhelmed and often barely able to get out of bed.  Now, less than a year later, I am going on interviews, I am spending precious time with my mother, and my family is now reunited in New York where my son has a place at a prestigious mathematics school.  

Michelle taught me a couple of valuable skills: the first being how to tackle multiple large problems by dividing them into smaller, manageable feats and the second being how to meditate when I feel paralysed by stress.   Another perk of working with Michelle is the fun —  her keen sense of humour and friendly rapport make sessions fly by.  Most importantly, her sessions shifted my outlook from feelings of helplessness to capability and resilience.

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I help women build their financial intelligence. This means we talk money, earning it, saving it, investing it and growing it.


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