“With the right mindset, we can’t lose, we either practise what we’ve learned or we learn what we need to practice” Nudra


There are a lot of articles on the how to’s of reaching financial independence, I’ve written a few of these myself, however this is only 20% of the equation for financial independence, 80% is our mindset.


That seems almost unbelievable until you think about it. If your mind isn’t on board with the whole financial independence strategy, nothing is going to happen, exactly 0% of the actions will be taken and the goal will turn out to be just a dream in reality.


You might be asking at this point why wouldn’t your mindset be aligned to your financial independence plan seeing as you thought about it in the first place!


And the answer is, your subconscious money beliefs may be totally misaligned with your conscious goal of financial independence.



You haven’t defined what financial independence means to you.


“When you understand that your self-worth is not determined by your net-worth, then you’ll have financial freedom” Suze Orman


Financial Independence is a bit of a buzzword right now, you hear about the FIRE movement, those who want to retire REALLY early, having enough money to choose what you want to do, being so rich that you don’t have to do anything and being independent from caring about money.


They all sound amazing and conventionally are probably considered the “living the dream”.


And you may have gotten seduced by the whole romance of that dream and signed on to the idea of wanting that financial independence, but your subconscious may be wanting an entirely different dream for you.


If you aren’t clear on what financial independence means for you, you are chasing someone else’s goal and your subconscious mindset is unlikely to be committed and driven to achieve something so misaligned with your values.


Get clear on what exactly financial independence means for you. This is going to involve a little digging into your values and what’s important to you but once uncovered this will be the most powerful motivator to your subconscious because it’s exactly in line with the essence of you.



You don’t believe you deserve it


“Our beliefs are what create our experiences. As we change our beliefs, we alter our perception, our version of reality” Iyanla Vanzant


Do you deserve to be financially independent and have money? I suspect you are screaming a resounding yes at me right now.


But do you REALLY believe you can have money without having to work extremely hard for it, or without have the level of education it takes to be successful, without a wealthy family or the network, the looks, the popularity, the social skills or whatever else societal conditioning has told you is critical to being successful and wealthy?


I bet that is a much more difficult yes answer. And if you suspect deep down that you are not “good enough” to be financially independent and wealthy, guess what the outcome is going to be? Exactly what you believe. If there is one thing our subconscious is EXTREMELY good at doing, it’s ensuring our lives are a reflection of what we truly believe.


Uncover these subconscious naysayers in your mindset and start replacing them with more positive affirmations of why you do deserve to be financially independent.


You believe Money is the root of all evil


“ Money is the Root of All Evil I thought…But when I’m broke is usually when I have the evilest thoughts” Fabulous


Your subconscious may not be as in love with the idea of financial independence as your conscious mind is because it sees on big risk in having more money – bad things coming.


Your unconscious beliefs may be all about more money meaning more problems, unhappiness, greed, sacrifice, guilt, loneliness, judgement and the list of potentially “evil” things related to money goes on.


And you may not even realise that as much as you consciously want to build your financial independence by having more money, your subconscious is basically sabotaging you because “hold your horses there cowboy”, it does not want any of that bad karma in your life!


The reality that you want to get your subconscious comfortable with is that money is totally neutral. Yes, it won’t make you happy, but it certainly won’t make you unhappy either. Not having it though may cause a lot of unhappiness!


Money is simply a tool.


A tool that can help you have more of the things that do make you happy, which ironically are usually not directly money related and involve more time with those you love, more experiences that take make you appreciate the wonderful world we live in, more ability to help others and more capacity for self-development.


And if you are unconsciously struggling with all or any of these, you are going to have a hard time building that financial independence.


Spending time on getting your unconscious mindset onboard with your goal of financial independence and combining this with those good money management strategies puts you 100% on track to getting there.


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