What’s your first thought when you think about your money situation?

Hopefully it’s a positive, “I’ve got this handled”. If you are anything like me it might be closer to. “I’m nowhere near where I want to be”.

I stewed in this mindset for way too long until the discomfort of it finally energised me to take action.

I would like to share the steps I took which started the positive change in my finances.


Change your thinking


The first pivotal step I took was thinking differently about money.

I had always thought of money in the context of the material things that it could buy for me. I unconsciously told the universe that I didn’t want to be a millionaire, but I did want to spend a million.

As a result my money went one way and that was out the door in pursuit of the next thing to buy.

As soon as I started thinking of money in terms of it creating financial stability and even wealth for me, things started to change.


Follow the clues to success


As my mindset was all about the spending with no real concept of accumulation, I literally didn’t know where to start.

I turned to my favourite resource, books. I searched the top personal finance books and dove into these.

I got what they were saying but was still stuck in terms of moving forward and so I looked for those who are where I wanted to be and I searched answers to the following questions.

How did they build wealth? How do they manage their money? What makes them successful?


Find a mentor or a coach


I found both. I had the answers to the what to do, I had researched the how to do it,  but now I was  stuck in the just do it part of things.

I got a mentor to make sure I was optimising the way I was doing things. That’s what a mentor does. They make all the mistakes first and then help you to avoid them. What a win!

The coach provided the moral support, motivation and super necessary kick in the butt when I got caught in procrastination or couldn’t move forward.

And I started the process of sorting out my money, getting mindful around my spending, building an emergency fund and investing.


Don’t lose the motivation


And then I waited for everything to be ok.

But it wasn’t. I was still in the same place only now I knew what I had to do and had implemented the steps to do it.

It felt like not much had changed. Feeling a little frustrated and despondent I had many unhappy chats my mentor and my coach.

Both got me to acknowledge that patience and a support group was required.

I joined a few groups of like-minded people all focused on being financially successful and that was the hinge to the door of motivation.

I learned that financial success is a journey and not a destination. It’s doing the “right” thing with my money day after day.

And the right thing is what’s right for me. It’s the actions that build my vision of what I want my life to look like.

I found the enjoyment in the daily habit of taking positive action steps to build my dreams and ironically in this more positive mindset I see the changes happening!

And you can too. Decide where you want to be, uncover the actions that will get you there and get the support you need to make it happen.


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