“I want to be a millionaire, not for the money, but for the woman I will become ” Jaime Tardy


Does becoming a millionaire seem like an unachievable pipe dream?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

With careful planning, consistent positive financial habits and patience that hallowed millionaire status can be yours.

It’s said success leaves clues and examining the path of those who have built wealth reveals that there are distinct “rich” ways of thinking. These are 3 which guarantee sure-fire success.


There is no reward without risk


A common fallacy is that the rich got rich from taking outsized risk.

Wrong !

The rich got rich because they played it safe.

They focused on the potential reward but never lost sight of the opposite side of the coin, the risk.

Don’t get me wrong, they still took risks and leaps of faith, only theirs were calculated ones.

They didn’t bet everything on the next big thing, they didn’t quit the day job until they had a viable side business and they never acted unless the reward to risk was skewed in their favour. They did this by building up a sufficient emergency funds to cushion any unforeseen hardships, having the necessary insurances in place and jealously guarding their retirement accounts which means they didn’t use amounts they had invested or saved for their future on their ventures.


The journey, not the destination counts


Sometimes this quote feels like one of those chocolates that look nice and solid and then you bite into it and realise it’s totally hollow with minimal chocolate, leaving you with a bad taste of disappointment and dissatisfaction.


It’s an easy quote to glibly share but not so easy to believe when you are stuck in the messy middle or battling to get started.

The point is, our dissatisfaction comes from the fact we are not where we want to be – the destination.

But what if the “destination wasn’t a place or an outcome but the joy of the journey.

And the joy of the journey is doing what you love. Stretching yourself, challenging your limits and embracing the process.

It’s all about creating a better you day by day and as Julia Cameron states in the Artists Way “As you move towards a dream, the dream moves towards you”. Living your most passionate, authentic life and enjoying this aspect of reaching goals is the whole point of having purpose.


Slow and steady wins the race


We don’t want to hear the story of how someone actually got rich. It reads more like a boring book about watching paint dry or grass grow.


The answer we want to hear when asking the question, “how did you get rich”, goes something like; I took my last pound, put it into my moonshot idea and within a year had hit the jackpot. The answer we get; I built solid financial habits, lived within a budget, consistently saved and invested and left my investments to grow for 10, 20, 30, 40 or whatever years is certainly not of the exciting variety.

But that’s the reality of how regular people, no different from you and I, essentially hit millionaire status.

They have simply set financial goals, built their financial foundations around achieving them, established emergency funds, mindful spending plans and put their money to work by investing in businesses, their own or others either through the stock market or some other investing platform, properties and other income producing assets.

So basically the secret to getting rich is actually not so secret. It’s something you and I can certainly do, let’s get to work!



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