Have you ever dreamt about money?


If you haven’t, you are in the majority because despite money occupying our minds for a large part of our waking hours it surprisingly doesn’t have a starring role once the lights go out.


The purpose of dreams is hotly debated, however many believe it’s where our unconscious minds sort through our worries, concerns and experiences and  provide useful insights about all aspects of our lives including our finances, although the money aspect may be disguised in the dream symbology.


Dream experts have researched the potential meanings behind the more common dreams and while all of our dreams are in fact unique and can only be connected to our individual realities, they do offer some interpretations that we can try on, given our circumstances and see if they fit.


Dreams featuring actual money


These dreams typically can be interpreted as regards our finances as reflecting our emotional relationships with money.


We might be feeling financially confident, successful or excited about our finances experiencing either a windfall or other positive aspect of money in the dream or alternatively we could be fearful, threatened or cheated indicating we are struggling with issues of a scarcity mindset, lack of deservability or insecurities around our finances.


In both cases the dreams could be interpreted as mental indicators that it’s time to take action in real life.


If you are feeling money confident and financially stable it may mean its time to up your money game and spur yourself to greater prosperity.


If the dreams are more like nightmares full of negativity around money its your subconscious screaming “enough already”, take action by getting the financial support and financial education you need to make the changes necessary to resolve whatever is messing with your valuable sleep.


The symbolic dreams


These are the dreams where money doesn’t feature explicitly but the dream circumstances may indirectly relate to our financial conditions.


The Falling Dream


This was the headliner in my childhood and teen dreams. I would feel I was falling from a great height, unable to grab onto anything or stop my downward trajectory.


The falling dream has been interpreted to reflect feelings of inadequacy, or a sense that life is outside of your control.


When related to our finances that could indicate we are subconsciously worried our finances are not where we need or want them to be and possibly, we are overwhelmed with debt or a sense that we do not or will not have enough to live on.


The Lost Dream


The dream of being stuck in an unknown place unable to find your way out, can be a reflection of how you are feeling in reality.


You may feel trapped in a relationship, a job or a situation that’s holding you back and again as regards your finances you may be stuck in an unhappy financial situation.


The Winning Dream


In this dream you are winning at life. Maybe the person you are interested in has approached you and asked for a date, declared their undying love or is marrying you, you have won the lottery or something else that feels like a happy event happens in your dream and you wake up feeling optimistic and excited.


These are the dreams that indicate you are in a positive place. You are enjoying life, pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone and growing as a person. All of this positivity is attracting good fortune to you, even in your dreams.


Dreams can provide powerful insights into how we can resolve situations, or exploit opportunities , so record them as soon as you wake up in order to revisit them and benefit from the clarity they bring by taking action to resolve the issue your subconscious has uncovered for you.


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