There was a period in my life where I always started my day reading my horoscope.

This was quite a thing for me to do because I am very superstitious (I will deny this vehemently in public), and had a deep fear that I would read something bad and then it would happen even though it wasn’t meant to happen because it was now in my head and our minds are a powerful thing and can literally create what we focus on …. Yes I am very woowoo and also very neurotic!

Thankfully most astrologers err on the side of giving us the good things. At least it seemed that way to me or alternatively I unconsciously blocked out the bad things (there goes that powerful mind theory again!).

I have used astrology to plan out my day, assess my compatibility with partners and uncover why people behave the way they do. I decided to extend the applicability of  star sign traits to the way people relate to money.

I am a Leo so I am going to look at that one first, in full disclosure mine is very accurate, especially the part about spending at lot!


Leo – hey big spender

We tend to be image conscious and love luxury and beautiful things. We are big hearted and love sharing our generosity with family and friends. We like to be independent and relying on others for our financial support can make Leo’s very uncomfortable.

Our propensity to spend can make Leo’s susceptible to living beyond our means and getting into debt.

A mitigant to financial difficulties is that our natural default setting is positivity and we will focus on problem solving when the need arises.

We love to be constantly busy  doing fun things and as a result managing our finances can end up down the bottom of the to do list. Automating our cashflows and payment of bills is very useful for giving Leo’s the freedom to focus on the things we love doing.


Virgo – work hard, save hard

Those born under this zodiac sign are level-headed, analytical, practical and organised.

They are diligent hard workers who strive for perfection.

Virgo’s are good savers. The downside is that they tend to be hoarders who fear losing their money and as a result they end up leaving their savings in a low interest bank account which ironically is losing them money every day given that it is likely to be earning less than the inflation rate.

Their conscientiousness in not spending more than they earn sets them up for building a nice nest egg if they can direct their excess cash towards investing.


 Libra – the impulsive social butterfly

Libras are social bodies and love to fit in with the tribe. As a result they have a strong desire to please and have a hard time saying no to anything including spending.

They are impulsive which can lead to regrettable financial decisions. This is tempered by their creativity which comes to the rescue when faced with financial challenges.

Libra’s can tap into that creative resourcefulness to find alternative ways of fitting in that don’t involve overspending.


Scorpio – Suspicious minds and secrecy

Those governed by this star sign are passionate and focused but have a very suspicious nature which makes them wary of risk taking.

They feel very uncomfortable with debt and will be lazer focused when it comes to paying it off.

They are secretive and money talk is a big taboo for the wary Scorpio which means they may not take optimal decisions with their money such as investing for the long term.


Sagittarius – You only live once

They love experiencing life and approach each new challenge with confidence. They are positive, brave and seize every opportunity that comes their way.

Sagittarius don’t tend to spend impulsively on material things but when they are offered that trip of a lifetime, they are all in, financial considerations forgotten.

As Sagittarius are generally not materialistic they don’t typically spend more than they earn and with their life experience goals clearly established, a budget to reach them would be a very effective tool for the adventurous Sagittarius.


Capricorn – F(inancially) I(ndependent) R(etire) E(arly)

Capricorns run their own race and strive to be financially independent as early in life as possible. As a result they are singularly focused on the big goal and may forget to focus on their life journey and needs along the way. Many a Capricorn reaches the “main” goal and look backs back only to realise all they missed out on.

Life is for living and while being financially responsible is admirable, what is the point if you don’t get to experience life on your journey through it.

Life is the gift, money is merely the tool.


Aquarius – Creative, Imaginative Investment

Aquarians are creative and imaginative.

They are very concerned with fairness and tend to be very philanthropic.

Those born under this sign like to apply their creativity to investing and saving and are attracted to unique, inventive ideas and should look to balance these risky investments with a core portfolio of more stable assets.


Pisces – Scarcity Mindset

Those born under this star sign worry about financial security. This can lead them to make well intentioned but suboptimal financial decisions.

As Pisces have scarcity fears around money, establishing a suitably funded Emergency Fund and purchasing insurance policies to cover unforeseen events that could cause a loss of income could provide the Pisces person with a large degree of comfort when it comes to their financial stability.


Aries – the Risktaker

Aries are passionate, motivated and driven and as a result they are able to reach financial success early in life.

They are ambitious and competitive and never feel like they have quite achieved enough.

Their driving ambition makes them inclined to take risks with their money but their determination and focus helps them overcome setbacks.

Protecting their future by creating a robust retirement and investing plan provides a good buffer for the risks that the Aries person may take elsewhere with their money.


Taurus – Savvy but stubborn

Taurus are hard workers, who succeed in their careers. They like to spend their money on quality items and they give others the impression they are financially better than they are because they dress well and appear to be money savvy.

Which they are for the most part.

They are however very stubborn which can make it difficult for them to recognise and acknowledge financial actions that may not have been optimal. Such as a poor investment choice, which they will hang onto even as they lose money on it.


Gemini – the Procrastinator

Those born under this star sign are unpredictable.

They can at times be nervous about decision making which can lead to procrastination and failure to take action. At these times they tend to get stuck in analysis paralysis and although they approach big purchasers intellectually, they can spend wasted hours researching the product and its pricing.

At times they are  the polar opposite, and without hesitation jump into big financial decisions, driven by the potential of making a quick and easy gain.

The Gemini would have more financial certainty by following a well planned “get rich slowly” middle ground of consistent monthly investment into an index tracker fund, while giving themselves the flexibility to investigate the other investment options without endangering their future financial stability.


Cancer – the martyr

Those born under this star sign are caring and family orientated.

They have a tendency to sacrifice their own financial wellbeing to help out those they care about.

That being said they want to create financial security and will in general focus on making sound financial decisions.

Cancerians need to learn the powerful “No” when it comes to helping out friends and family and be sure that their own financial needs are taken care of before sacrificing their financial health for others.


I am curious how closely does your star signs description reflect your money personality ?

Grab the infographic which gives a summary of each zodiac signs key traits and money personality.

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