To set the record straight I know nothing about gardening but I do know I love to spend time in the garden especially in spring when the days start getting brighter, the blossoms appear on the trees and the bird song seems so much louder. It all seems to come together overnight like a perfect masterpiece.

There is however nothing overnight about it.

A beautiful garden grows over time. It needs planning, work, nurturing, consistency, dedication and patience . This got me thinking that growing money is a lot like gardening.


You have to start small and be patient


In order to start  creating your garden you need a vision of how you would like it to look. When it comes to money this would be your long term goals.

And in both the case of gardening and growing our money we may be tempted to immediately go big or conversely our vision may feel so large to us that we get stuck in overwhelm.

The antidote to both and to getting started is to start small.

Prepare the soil.

Understand your money flows and what is coming in to your life and where it’s going.

Create space to keep more of your money in your life by consciously and mindfully planning your spending.

Set yourself up for success. Build an emergency fund to cushion when droughts come, similar to thinking about how to keep your garden watered in the dry times.

And plant that first investing seed. Patiently and consistently plant the next and the next. Keep growing   

A beautiful garden is a collection of colour, textures and sounds

The beauty of the garden is in the vibrancy of the colour, the diversity of the flowers, plants and adornments.

The diversity is not only about the beauty but also for the protection this offers to the gardens success with certain plants being hardier in extreme weather, some providing shelter for the more delicate varieties and the overall variety attracting a wider abundance of small wildlife which means a healthier garden.

This is the same concept for our investors. Having a diverse range of assets contributes to the financial success of our portfolio as certain investments, such as bonds for example, provide protection to our capital while others, such as equities contribute to the growth of the portfolio.


A neglected garden will die


If you don’t give your beautiful garden the attention it deserves it will become overgrown, the larger plants will suffocate the smaller ones, weeds will crop up and uninvited bugs and insects will take up residence.

This is exactly the same story with our money.

If we don’t take time to tend to it, to prune where our spending may have started to spread out and intrude on our ability to grow our wealth and most of all to continue to “water our wealth” by consistently and persistently contributing to our investments, we will see our beautiful financial gardens and goals get hidden behind financial overwhelm and money burdens.

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