According to Joe Abraham in his book Entrepreneurial DNA there are 4 types of entrepreneurs and each brings their distinctive personality to their entrepreneurial drive.

Knowing your entrepreneurial DNA and playing to your strengths is one of ingredients in the super secret successful entrepreneur recipe. The other ingredients apparently reveal themselves as we take the actions to building our businesses.

These are the 4 types of entrepreneurs he identified.


The Builder or Visionary

These entrepreneurs are able to rapidly build scalable high value business through their ability to create a cohesive infrastructure. They do this by being master recruiters of talent, investors and customers.

Typical examples of true visionaries would be Steve Jobs and more recently We Work’s Adam Neumann.

Despite being charismatic and imaginative leaders with the ability to see the big picture, they tend to struggle with interpersonal relationships as a result of their overwhelming large ego’s and single minded faith in their own abilities.


The opportunist

Opportunist entrepreneurs have the uncanny ability to sniff out well timed money making opportunities and are gifted in the arena of marketing and sales.

They are driven by the excitement of closing the deal and getting on to the next adventure. As a result they are impulsive decision makers driven by gut instinct which generally serves them well.

Richard Branson is the embodiment of the opportunist with his ceaseless energy, tenacity and work hard, play hard ethic.


The Specialist


The specialist turns their love of, and ability in a particular field into a business. They are deeply analytical and logical thinkers focused on strategy and with a laser focused attention to detail.

Their strengths lie in their overwhelming skillset around valuations, number crunching and their ceaseless curiosity.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are specialist entrepreneurs who give 100% of themselves to their businesses. They are singularly focused on their passion and have a deep understanding of themselves and their goals.


The Innovator

The innovator brings to mind an Albert Einstein type, crazy unbrushed hair and an almost lazer focus on their project.

Innovators love to innovate, invent, design and tinker. They totally hate the business of operating a business and their ventures are most successful when they hire an expert to carry out the financial, operational, marketing and human resource aspect of the business while they focus on their passion.

They measure their success by the impact their product or service has on mankind and it is seldom all about the money for the innovator.

Examples of typical innovators are Mark Zuckerberg and James Dyson.


This research proves that entrepreneurs do not have one specific personality type. We often assume all entrepreneurs fit a combined Opportunist/ Visionary mold because these tend to be the bolder, charismatic more visible entrepreneurs. However there are countless other just as successful introverted entrepreneurs as well.

The key to being a successful entrepreneur is knowing yourself and your key entrepreneurial skillset and leveraging that by hiring people skilled in the areas that you may find more challenging.

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