The idea of becoming a millionaire today is not as far-fetched as it used to be. A study by Fidelity Investments found that 88% of millionaires got there themselves, no inheritance or silver spoon necessary!

How did they do it ?

It turns out self-made millionaires didn’t get there on one gig alone. They typically have built up a wide spread of income sources over a number of years.

There are 3 universally accepted ways that in combination are powerful wealth generators and we are going to take a look at those.


Investing in the stock market

The stock market has proven to be a reliable method of growing your money. Ordinary people have become millionaires by doing this.

The requirements are however consistency and time.

If you invest £3,600 per year for 40 years and earn an average return of around 8% over that time you have a good chance of ending up a millionaire.

There are also ways to leverage your money by investing through tax efficient vehicles such as a pension and in the UK an ISA as well.

The added advantage of a workplace pension is that your employer may also contribute and help you towards your million.

And while you may be thinking this all sounds good but how do you make sure you select the right assets to invest in the workplace.

It really doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Wealth has been built by investing in passive index tracking funds which simply copy a wide swathe of your domestic and foreign stock markets giving you a well-diversified, global portfolio without having to know which companies, industries or countries to invest in.

The obvious con is time, but if you can automate your investing to get a monthly flow into your investments you virtually don’t have to think about it and can leave your money to get to work for you building your wealth around the clock.


Investing in Real Estate


Again, there is no shortcut to making money and getting rich quickly in real estate but you can slowly and steadily build wealth by investing wisely.

Too really make money in real estate you are going to have to accept that there isn’t a 100% passive approach to this as for stock market investing.

Although, that being said you can invest in real estate funds in the stock market and get passive exposure to this tried and tested approach to making money.

The most popular way to build wealth through real estate is to be an investment property and slowly build your portfolio. You will benefit from the related stream of rental income as well the capital appreciation in the property.

A big error that people make here though is to overextend themselves and end up with a rental stream that doesn’t cover your costs. This is a recipe for disaster.

The aim is to create a positive rental stream that you can save and build up to a deposit on your next investment.

Another proven way to make money in real estate is to fix and flip.

This basically involves buying a property, hopefully at a discounted value, paying for the repairs and renovation and then selling the property at a profit.

This is not however as easy as they make it look in the home renovation shows and definitely falls under the higher risk category.

A diversified portfolio is key to keeping your wealth building and real estate should feature in it whichever way you choose to get it to do so.


Starting your own business


This is by far the most challenging but can also be the most rewarding from a personal development and potentially monetary perspective as well.

Whether you are working in someone else’s company or your own you are selling something, either your time in the first scenario or your products or services in the second.

The first option’s limitations are very clear. There are only 24 hours in the day and it’s highly unlikely you can work them all.

The second is potentially limitless in its optionality if you are willing to put in the effort!

Each of these millionaire making moves are individually powerful but taken together can be rocket fuel to getting you toward your million goal.

Which are you working on ?



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