I studied The Secret cover to cover and I believed that anything I wanted would come to me if I put an intention out into the universe. Time and time again this ended in disappointment as the universe not only didn’t send what I desired. it sent a number of other bad things. An error on my employment tax code meaning I had underpaid tax for 2 years, a fine for parking in a no parking zone, an unexpected medical bill , I am sure you are getting the picture.

Of course my default go to was that the universe was not manifesting what I wanted because I didn’t deserve it or my fate was for me to be a “have not”. Basically I settled into victim mentality on this. As I have been slowly doing work on my mindset and limiting beliefs it has started to get very clear to me as to why the Law of Attraction seemed to have singled me out for exclusion!

Before I dive into why the Law of Attraction didn’t work for me let’s take a look at what this Law is. The Law of Attraction basically says whatever you focus on and give your energy and attention to will come back to you. This means if you are focused on good and positive things, this is what will flow back into your life. However if you are focused on lack and negativity, guess what ? This is what you get. And this is the first mistake I was making. I was expecting the universe to deliver all the good things I wanted,  but I continued to live in my scarcity mindset. My usual comment when I felt I didn’t have enough money was to always claim I will be happy and successful when I win the lottery. There was no way I was winning any lottery on that mindset because all I was attracting was the things I feared!

Basically I was asking the universe for more of what I didn’t want, not what I wanted! We all find it incredibly easy to list everything we no longer want in our lives, all the things that make us unhappy and those we want less of. But ask us to define what we do want and we are stumped. I was totally failing at the most fundamental aspect of the Law of Attraction by not acknowledging and accepting that every one of my thoughts, good and bad was shaping my reality. Thoughts are incredibly powerful, every single one of them is an energy that moves across the barrier of the unmanifested to the manifested. The universe doesn’t discriminate and treats every thought as worthy of being gifted back. The thoughts and resulting actions you have today will become your tomorrow experiences.

At its core the Law of Attraction requires you to hold your vision of your dream life in your minds eye and keep it in focus. That means living with the total belief that what you desire will be yours with a little effort on your part. And this is the key, taking action ! This was the second thing I didn’t do. I expected the universe to do all the heavy lifting. I didn’t work on the limiting beliefs I had that were keeping me from abundance and happiness and I didn’t take the actions that a person confident in the ultimate success of my vision would have taken. I stayed in my comfort zone and hoped the universe was working hard at manifesting my admittedly unclear vision!

The actions don’t have to be earth shattering and totally scary. They are simple. As a start practise gratitude, appreciation and joy throughout the day. There are a multitude of things we can be grateful for when we look at the abundance we already have in our lives. When we start to see what we already have and exercise an appreciation for it, we attract more of those good things into our lives.

Don’t limit your visions to what you consider possible or practical. Commitment to a positive vision means no limits. You don’t need to know the step by step path to how your vision will manifest, you simply need to decide what you DO want. Open yourself up to infinite possibilities and trust that as you take positive actions so does the universe in creating your wildest biggest design.

Create strong positive affirmations, thoughts and words that support your positive beliefs about yourself and the universe.  These affirmations are meant to replace your limiting ideas, negative beliefs and resulting disempowering self talk with positive statements of how you want to view and experience life.

Finally, live as if your vision is a forthcoming attraction. Be committed to the success of your vision and take the steps supportive of you achieving it. If you want the perfect career start investigating what that is. Identify which skill sets you need to add to your toolbox, and  how you will get them, dive in to getting them.  If you want to make more money, start researching how to invest it, plan what you will do with your windfall, take actions to investigate your options and plan out what steps to take to move you towards that vision. Above all come from a place of gratitude and positivity and the universe will match you with what you desire and more.

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