“Ego’s favourite time frame is “RIGHT NOW!” Ego’s favourite amount of anything is “MORE!” Jon Acuff


I’m going to say something possibly controversial in some circles, so if it’s a circle you happen to be in, I apologise in advance, but the thing is I find Eckart Tolle the well-known spiritual guru,  a total bore. In fact I would go as far as to say I think he’s a total fraud.


He sprouts his guru-like wisdom instructing us to ditch our ego by “living in the now”, to not chase happiness “outside ourselves” and yet charges astronomical ticket prices for us to learn how to lose our ego and find our “enlightenment” listening to him. He’s probably made tons of money from that, as well as his best-selling books and all the A-list celebrities he hangs around with feeding his apparently non-existent ego!


Ironically all of this rant evidencing my need to be right coupled with the related jealousy and judgement all comes from one place … my own ego.


And while its likely all this Ego driven negativity I have going on is holding me back from Eckart’s euphoric life it does not even come close to all the bad stuff said Ego is causing in my financial life, and here, I hate to admit, Mr Tolle may be on to something.


Kent Thune, the Financial Philosopher, describes Ego as an illusionist creating stories for us based on our past and the views we have of the future. The Ego avoids directly facing the now because in the paradigm of reality it cannot conjure a make-believe.

Operating within our own make-believe creation is especially dangerous when it comes to the money actions we might take as they are highly unlikely to in any way represent our reality and be aligned with a financially healthy future.


Ego’s Favourite time for everything is right now

The Ego wants instant gratification, it lives by the “you only live once” mentality and hates to wait for anything because it “deserves” to be rewarded now and who knows what it may miss out on by not grabbing opportunities.

Its obvious how having the Ego in the driver seat can sabotage our budgets, our savings goals and our dreams of financial freedom.


Ego favourite person is “I”


The Ego is jealous, self-centred and easily offended if it feels wronged. It wants to have the best, look the best, win at everything and strongly desires the admiration and adoration of anyone it comes into contact with.

For the Ego, this means having material possessions. The envy inducing house, the newest technology, the stylish clothes and the dream vacations.

Self- worth to the Ego is linked to other’s perceptions of the Ego’s status and having copious physical possessions is the manifestation of the Ego’s value.

Affordability and concept of “need” don’t feature in the Ego success equation


Ego is fuelled by fear


Our Ego’s stories are infused with fear. Fear that we won’t have enough, fears that we aren’t enough, fears that we are marginalised, mistreated or unlucky.

The Ego’s fears thrive in that voice we hear in our heads. “I’m bad with money”, “I don’t deserve money”, “I’m too fat, thin, tall, short etc. to be successful.

These fears drive our money mindset and our ability to positively change our financial situation.


Ego’s favourite amount is more


The Ego is never satisfied. It tells us that happiness happens when… when I have more money, when I land the dream job, dream partner or dream life.

It wants to be constantly striving and dissatisfied.

Ego means we focus on the lack. Our lack of time, our lack of money and our lack of happiness. And what we focus on is what we get more of. The untethered Ego will never allow us to experience gratitude and enoughness, the space where we get to attract more of the things that create a fulfilled life.


The Ego despite all this negativity performs a vital psychology function;  it creates the balance between our basic animalistic nature and our sense of morality enabling us to operate effectively within the universe. However, where we lose our consciousness around the Ego’s root function it takes on the identity of the individual divorced from the universe and destined to struggle against reality. Awareness of the Ego and the irrational actions it causes is the antidote to an unchained ego.


Where has the unrestrained Ego sabotaged your financial success lately?


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